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How to invite more ease and flow in your life

Ever felt like you're striving to succeed and thrive, yet you're feeling like you're pulling a massive load of stress and burden?

Today, I'd like to share with you how to balance your masculine and feminine characteristics, so that you can live with more ease and flow.

Balance in Feminine & The Masculine Energies

The feminine characteristics allow us to be in tune with our intuitions and desires, which are often sign posts that help us make decisions that are aligned with our hearts.

On the other hand, our masculine characteristics help us create structures and systems in our lives to bring these heart-based dreams to reality. This sort of structure-building is carried out by the fore-brain — the part responsible for making judgments and planning.

When our feminine and masculine characteristics are in balance, we are able to experience the state of flow better. We feel that we truly doing what we love and enjoy, while making forward steps that are creating results.

When our masculine characteristics are overwhelming our feminine ones, we feel out-of-tune with what our heart's desires and dreams are, and we feel like we're riding the car of life without a clear map. We start to feel uncertain if the direction you're taking is truly the one that you're meant to be taking. You may also lack that spark of excitement and purpose that you once used to have about your life and career.

For high-achieving go-getters like me, this is often the case. I start to get into the "gotta-work-hard-and-long-to-get-what-I-need-to-get-done" mode, often to realize that I haven't journaled, meditated, or taken rest in a long while. I start to feel stressed, tired, out-of-touch with the next direction in life, and start to experience uncertainty and doubt.

On the other hand, when we are investing a lot of time in our feminine side, yet are lacking the masculine structure, we experience a lack of forward movement. Being a lover of personal development, I can focus so much on thinking and mulling over figuring out "my heart's desires" that I am not taking the forward steps to move forward. Thoughts and ideas keep on going round-and-round in my head, like "should I do next?" "wait, maybe this is a better option…". In this case, I start to feel like I am stuck and don't know what to do.

In this case, remember my favorite phrase, "clarity comes from engagement". Often, the right decisions can be made once you've tried something out. Your emotional reaction will tell you if something feels right or not.

Today, I want to focus on How to avoid the masculine overdrive, and to get back in touch with your intuition.

Here are my 3 tips!

1. Journaling, such as morning Pages

Without any agenda or goals, start jotting down EVERYTHING that's on your mind. If you're angry or sad about something, write it down. Do not filter out anything. You can always read back and think and analyze what you wrote. This is a great way to just get all your busy thoughts out of your brain, so that they can stop looping. You'll also feel less need to keep on mulling over things in your head.

2. Meditate

If you're new to meditation, no, you don't need to become a zen master to meditate. As a Christian, I was used to prayer, but I was not used to the method of meditating.

If the idea of focusing on the breathe and simply observing the thoughts in your head challenging to you, I would recommend the 6-phase meditation created by Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley.

I do this every morning, and I've seen a big change in the calmness and clarity I experience in myself.

3. Become open to receiving

As an overachiever, I became aware of my subconscious thoughts such as, "I need to keep on working and giving out my energy" that were driving me to keep on working, even when my mind and body were tired.

I realized that I was actually stopping myself and blocking myself from receiving that is going to nurture my mind and body. I had false-beliefs that "taking rest is lazy and it's a waste of time". However, in the long run, by through allowing myself to take rests at appropriate amounts, I am able to function and maintain a much higher efficiency and energy level.

Take several moments throughout the day to notice your body and mind. Ask yourself, "How am I feeling? How does my body feel?"

And if you notice signs of tiredness, be generous to giving what your body and mind needs at that moment.

YES, you deserve that long bath that you've been longing for. You deserve an evening of alone, just to chill and read your favorite book. Yes, you deserve that refreshing and energizing yoga class you've been feeling you're "too busy" to go.

Ok beauties! That's it for today.

What insights were helpful for you, and what can you implement today to get in touch with your feminine, intuitive-side?

With lots of love,


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