I'm a passionate worship musician and a business strategist & mentor, with a mission to empower women to come ALIVE in their true radiance + purpose in LIFE and BUSINESS.

I empower creative influencers to design & create a heart-aligned business and lifestyle with freedom, impact, and authenticity.


My passion is to train and equip vision-filled, multi-passionate female leaders create profitable online businesses with focused momentum, and to flourish in their unique voice and brand.

 ​I'm also a total clean beauty geek with a heart for leading a toxin-free, conscious lifestyle!


I'm Rio Watanabe.

You are a Creative Visionary.


You've got big dreams. You know deep inside, that you're called to soar high in life + business.

You're done playing small, but something is holding you back.

You feel alone in building your business, and are seeking for clear guidance to take you to the next step.

What if I told you, that there is a business model, where you can design a time & location-independent business, where you'll be surrounded by a team of ambitious entrepreneurs and being trained by the top experts in the field of online marketing?

Sounds too good to be true? I thought so too.

As a creative business owner, I used to be in a sea of overwhelm, indecisive roaming, going back and forth... unclear results, and feeling alone in my business... until I found this business model!

Do you desire to be part of a community of faith-driven entrepreneurs and to create flow in your business?


My life Story

As a Japanese-American with a strict background as a classical pianist, I used to struggle with extreme perfectionism. I believed that unless I am "perfect" in every aspect of my life —from how I look, how much I achieve in life, to how perfectly I perform on stage— I am not worthy of receiving love.


On the outside, my life looked "perfect" —best grades in school, graduating from a top university (Bowdoin College) as a pre-medical neuroscience student, surrounded by great friends, traveling around the world performing on exciting stages. However, on the inside, I felt deeply insecure, afraid, and unworthy. I tried to calculate and plan every aspect of my life— Which in the end, only deepened the negative cycle of control and self-restriction.

I developed an eating disorder, which I desperately tried to hide under my "cheery smiles" in my "perfect life". My overworked mind and body eventually led to my health breaking down, and having to stop working professionally as a pianist for a long time.

Over the course of 4 years, I suffered from routine fever and fatigue, partial paralysis in my right hand, and a partial deafness in my left ear. It was one of the deepest points of my life, covered with profound sadness.

It was time. I had to face the pain within, and to accept love into my heart.

Fast forward many years, after countless hours invested in therapy, coaching, and personal development, I am extremely blessed to have found love and balance within myself. I healed from my health issues, and now foster deep, meaningful, loving relationships with myself, with others, and with God, bathed in His unconditional love. I am happily married to the love of my life, and am excited to flourish in my business that truly feeds my heart & soul, surrounded by a loving, supportive community.

+ I am still an ambitious go-getter. However, my achievement and success is no longer what defines who I am.


+ I nurture self-love, and relentlessly foster a loving self-care routine for myself, because I believe that my mental and physical health is what allows me to love, and give value to others. In the journey, I actually became a smoothie-drinking yogi, which was a far cry from who I used to be! lol  

+ I make it a discipline to practice gratitude. I no longer take anything for granted, as I've learned that they can be all taken away with a snap of a finger.


+ I am a doer and a dreamer. I am keen on journaling, meditating, visualization, and goal-setting to make my visions manifest in reality. 

My journey has sharpened my self-awareness, and shaped who I am today.


This is why, today, I am so passionate about empowering women to come alive in their full radiance & beauty.

As a professionally trained mindset + business coach, I'd be honored to help you design a life & business with true impact and authenticity-- one that allows you to be in the full, creative expression of you.

+ I am a total dog lover! Yes, dog movies always make me cry. My husband Timo and I are proud dog parents of one white incredibly fluffy ball of love. (A sweet Blonka Zwetna dog from Germany)

+ I've never lived in one location for more than 4 years in my life. I grew up in a jet-setting, globe-trotting family, and my life spans from Japan, Chicago, Maine, Denmark, and currently, surrounded by the beautiful tulips and canals in the Netherlands.

+ My mother language is Japanese, but English has become my main language after immigrating to the States. I am also currently learning to speak Dutch!

+ I believe in a loving God, who is all encompassing, caring, and mighty in power, and One who is above normal human comprehension, yet so close and personal. I believe that the essence of God is present in every one of us!


+ I believe that our creativity has the potential to change the world, influence the culture around us, and eventually, to change to the world.

+ I believe that every woman is worthy of leading a life of purpose and freedom that they are absolutely in love with. I believe that you already have all that it takes to show up as the most beautiful, true essence of you— to experiencing the freedom, abundance, purpose, and connection. Your highest self is already inside of you.
+ I believe that your business and lifestyle is a natural expression of who you are, and  we can allow it to flow with ease, and not striving.

Up close and personal...
Are you ready to:

+ Design & create a location & time independent business that allows you to spend time with loved ones


+ Be your own boss & create your own work hours

+ Work along side an ambitious and driven team of entrepreneurs & never feel alone in building your business

+ Be trained by the top experts in social media & attraction marketing & join our webinars
+ Create true financial freedom, and leave a legacy for your loved ones
+ Step over your fears and step into your fullest potential as a business owner

+ Create a business that allows you to express your full creativity


+ Have opportunities to travel for free as a part of the business 

professional bio

Rio Watanabe is a passionate worship musician, digital marketing & mindset strategist, speaker, and holistic beauty influencer with a mission to empower creatives to come ALIVE in their true radiance + purpose.

She runs a global online beauty business, and coaches creative influencers to design & create a heart-aligned business and lifestyle with freedom, impact, and authenticity.

As a pianist, she has been featured on TBS Japanese National Television, and has been a guest soloist at the Langham Place, London, as well as the Vredenburg Concert Hall in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She is the first prize winner at the Dobrich-Albena Piano Competition in Bulgaria, and was selected as the finalist at the Crescendo Summer Festival gala concert competition in Hungary. She is also the first prize winner of the Klaas Dijkstra Foundation Entrepreneurship Award in music education. She has performed at festivals such as the Portland International Piano Festival in the USA, the "Muziek aan de Waal" Festival, and "Peter de Groot" Festival in the Netherlands.
Rio holds a Master's degree in piano performance from Utrecht Conservatory (Netherlands), as well as a Bachelor's degree in piano performance from Prince Claus Conservatory (NL). She is a Sara James Scholar graduate from Bowdoin College (USA), and holds a Bachelor's degree in the biological sciences (Pre-Med) with a focus on neuroscience and psychology. She also holds a Dutch certification in Music Education, and has been teaching piano privately for 10 years. 


She is a graduate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and is honored to be part of the inspiring collective of coaches as a Beautiful You Life Coach. The Academy is ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited, and is led by Julie Parker, Australia’s leading women’s life coach & speaker.
Rio is Japanese by origin, and immigrated to the USA at a young age. She is married to a wonderful Dutchman and currently resides in the beautiful city of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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