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Faith-filled Biz Babe Interview with Youning {No Other Name Jewelry}

Have you ever had an experience when you just *knew* that God's divine hand was at work in your life?🕊🌿

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I am SO excited to be sharing this interview with my friend Youning🎙, sharing her beautiful & epic journey of becoming a business owner of her very own jewelry brand— No Other Name Jewelry.✨

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In 2012, God had given her a dream of one day opening her own jewelry shop in New York🗽. But the dream felt so far-fetched, and so out of reach that she considered it to be "unpractical and impossible”.🤷🏻‍♀️

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Living in California🌴 in a comfortable corporate job, she thought, "How could I possibly leave and move all the way to New York, to enroll in one of the most prestigious jewelry making schools in the nation?!"😵

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It gave me goosebumps to hear her story, and how God provided all the tools, the right connections and open doors, even through unforeseen circumstances. Her story is such an inspiring reminder that when we keep on following God's promptings in our hearts, God provides.🙏🏼❤️

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Fast forward to today, Youning's unique, hand-made, faith-inspired jewelry continues to inspire and give hope to so many women around the globe.🌎✨

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💻 You can find her beautiful hand-made, faith-filled jewelry at

📲Instagram @non_jewelry_nyc


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