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Worship Piano for Beginners [LEVEL 1]

  • 365Days
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Learn notes, chords, rhythm & read chord charts. Easy to follow, concise, step-by-step keyboard lessons for beginners. Play your first worship song on the piano! By the end of this course, you will be able to play easy worship songs like Cornerstone (Hillsong) on the piano. You will be learning the the technique and music theory required to play easy worship songs through my step-by-step, easy to follow method. Brand new to the piano? Have a little background in classical piano? This course is for you! This is a course for beginners, where you will learn the music fundamentals such as notes, chords and rhythm. _________________________________________________ You will learn how to: ♫Name notes on the Piano ♫Master Sharps and Flats on the Piano ♫Play Intervals and Basic Chords ♫Read and Play from Lead Sheets ♫Play Cornerstone from Hillsong ♫Play with Both Hands Together ♫Learn the Fundamentals of Rhythm and Counting _________________________________________________ Structure and Content of This Course: This course has 2 components: Music Theory + Hands-On Practice Activity Lessons. (In the Hands-On Practice Lessons, will learn the technique on how you can learn & play chords faster, and more efficiently.) _________________________________________________ ****IMPORTANT*** *If this is your first course to sign up, you will be prompted to make an account first before making a payment to join the course. This will be your "log in" to the course members page.



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