It's time to unleash

   Your True Colors

I'm Rio Watanabe

Musician & Biz Strategist with a love for Clean Beauty & Wellness.

I'm a passionate worship musician and a business strategist & mentor, with a mission to empower women to come ALIVE in their true radiance + purpose in LIFE and BUSINESS.

I empower creative influencers to design & create a heart-aligned business and lifestyle with freedom, impact, and authenticity.


My passion is to train and equip vision-filled, multi-passionate, creative female leaders to create profitable online businesses with focused momentum, and to flourish in their unique voice and brand.

 ... And yes! ​I'm also a total clean beauty geek with a heart for toxin-free beauty & wellness!

Hey ambitious female entrepreneurs!

Imagine building your time & location-independent business alongside hundreds of wellness-conscious entrepreneurs with ambition and soul.


What if your success could be accelerated through mentorship, and plugging into a proven business system that truly works? What if you no longer have to strive for success alone?

“Being a multi-passionate” creative is not a weakness. It’s your super power”

It's time to come alive— to claim your truth and freedom as the beautiful, authentic "you".


The true essence of who you are is already inside of you. It may be currently being stifled by mental blockages, or outdated inner stories that you are not aware of, but it's waiting to be uncovered, so that you can flourish as the free, empowered woman.

Your business and lifestyle is a natural expression of who you are, your values, and your deepest desires and passion. It makes me so excited to see my clients claim their full potential, and to uncover a life of deep meaning and fulfillment. 


It's time to come alive— to claim your truth and freedom as the beautiful, authentic "you" in life and in business.

Are you ready to join in me in this journey?

Business with Heart.

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