+ You are an ambitious women with big dreams in your heart.

+ You are creative and talented. You love learning new things, and adventure excites you.

+ You desire to build an abundant lifestyle and business that you absolutely love — the kind that makes you feel alive and full of energy, knowing that you are making a true impact in this world.


+ You desire to live deeply in alignment with your "inner compass" — to tune into your intuition, and to lead a life of flow — with the confidence and "knowing" that God is truly leading you to a life of wholeness and abundance. 

Hey ambitious, creative go-getters!

It’s time to live your heart-centered life & business you've always dreamed of -- and to show up as the most vibrant, authentic expression of who you are

I help ambitious, multi-passionate, creative go-getters break the chains of outdated inner stories that are holding them back, and to define and create the life and business that they love, feeling vibrant, rooted, and alive inside and out.


I'm Rio.

“Being a multi-passionate” creative is not a weakness. It’s your super power”

You are a faith-filled, ambitious women with big dreams in your heart.

YET, somehow you feel stuck. This ‘fabulous you’ feels stifled.

You're searching for that spark and passion with clarity that you once had.


+ You feel overwhelmed with the seeming immensity of the choices you are faced with, and needs support in clarifying which path to take.

+ You feel stuck with the fear of making wrong decisions, leaving you feeling as if “you’re falling behind”, or that you “should be” further ahead by now.

+ You desire to invest in finding "you" — reconnect with your heart's desires and live with clarity, balance, and focus.
+You feel stifled by thoughts such as “I don’t know enough”. Your perfectionism and fear of what others may think of you keeps from showing up confidently as your awesome self in the world.

What if I told you, that the life that you dream of, is absolutely possible?

...to live a life that you are absolutely in love with?


And this life is not "years" away— it is a "mindset" away.


Through 'undoing' the old habits and false beliefs that have been holding you back, you are able to claim the authentic, beautiful you —living a life of freedom, purpose, meaning and connection.

And no, you don’t have to wait until you are “perfect”.

The true essence of who you are is already inside of you. It may be currently being stifled by mental blockages, or outdated inner stories that you are not aware of, but it's waiting to be uncovered, so that you can flourish as the free, empowered woman.

Your business and lifestyle is a natural expression of who you are, your values, and your deepest desires and passion. It makes me so excited to see my clients claim their full potential, and to uncover a life of deep meaning and fulfillment. 


It's time to come alive— to claim your truth and freedom as the beautiful, authentic "you".

Are you ready to join me in this journey?

Here's how we can get there:

+ Define and clarify what your ideal lifestyle and career looks and feels like that you absolutely love

+ Set specific personal and career goals that are aligned to your core values and who you are

+ Create definitive action steps where you will move forward with momentum

+ Create life structure and positive habits that actually stick


+ Let go of outdated inner stories that no longer serve you, and replace them with empowering, positive values that propel you toward your dreams


+ Tune into your intuitive essence, so that you can lead a life of creative flow and ease


+ Build emotional and physical self-awareness to create a lifestyle of balance, and not overwhelm


+ Set healthy boundaries in life and work, and set up a self-love and self-care routine that makes you feel refreshed, balanced, and energized


+ Build confidence in knowing that you are leading a purposeful life that makes you feel vibrant and fulfilled

Through the 1-on-1 coaching, we will:
The coaching sessions are focused on what it is that you truly desire to create.  I will be gently guiding you to uncover your deepest desires, and to kick start and create momentum toward achieving your dreams.

Nina Vossschulte

Life Coach & Writer

"Coaching with Rio happened at the exact right time for me. She was always understanding, loving, and a light in the darkness that I went through at that time. Even though we only met via Skype, I felt her support, encouragement and unwavering belief in me at all times. 
She helped me see that it’s okay to give myself time and space to figure out what it is that I truly want, what truly makes me happy, instead of going after what I felt I should be doing.  I will be forever grateful for the mind-shifts that she guided me through. I’m not saying it will be easy - first steps and change rarely are - but I promise you, it will be worth it! I will always say YES to coaching. I will always say YES to coaching with Rio!"

“Before coaching with Rio, I felt stressed and overwhelmed with everything happening in my life. It was a difficult time for us as a family. We were struggling with our finances and I was searching for a job. I was also studying, and taking care of my children at the same time. I struggled with my faith, and to trust God through everything.
I had never worked with a coach before, but I decided to work with Rio, because I wanted to learn to lead my life with purpose, and to know what steps I can take to reach my dreams and goals.
I've learned a lot through the coaching sessions with her, and she has helped me to see everything more clearly.
I also grew in my relationship with God. As I listened to the voice of God, all my dreams and desires came back to me. He showed me to let go of everything that is in the way, and to give time for myself to look into my heart.
I realized that through taking steps with discipline, I can reach my goals. My husband told me that he can see a change in me. I now know how to live with purpose, and to make the steps to strive and reach for my goals!
I've made my decision to follow my new dream - to go to the college that I've always dreamed of attending. This was a big surprise to me, because I never thought it would turn out this way.
Thank you Rio! I've loved the coaching sessions!"

Thirza Stadman


Liza Bochareva


“I was first skeptical about working with a life coach. However, as problems in my life got more and more difficult to handle, I felt that I was getting terrifyingly far away from my real dreams in life. I felt that I was losing my true self. At that moment, I realized that working with a life coach is what I needed.
In the sessions with Rio, I was truly amazed by the perfect balance between maturity and intuitive spontaneity with which she approached my problems. With her rich knowledge and experiences, it felt as if she knew the exact words that were right especially for me, at this point in my life.  
Pulling exactly the right strings, she brought to light my subconscious beliefs and thoughts that were holding me back. She gently guided me with such as skill, so that the solutions to my inner struggles seemed to appear in my mind clearly and almost effortlessly. 
All my doubts and questions, such as "What do I really want in my life?", "How do I fulfill my dreams?" etc. felt so much more clear after the sessions with Rio. She helped me divide my biggest dreams into realistic achievable goals, which eventually led me to take my first definite steps on the path towards my own happiness and self-realization.
I feel truly blessed to have worked with Rio. She has an analytical mind, profound psychological insights, and a big talent to inspire people. She is positive, friendly, and truly charismatic.  I would recommend Rio as a coach to anyone who is looking for an inspiring and effective guidance to move toward their goals. She is truly an outstanding coach!

"Simply amazing! Via the coaching sessions, Rio helped me to take my time management to the next level and focus on a few specific areas in which to achieve tangible results. The sessions were inspiring and enjoyable each time. Rio is a true expert in training others on how to create and maintain a positive mindset. It really worked!"

Tirza Kampert

"Rio is an amazing coach who is able to bring out the best out of everyone and every situation. She is open, giving, enthusiastic, and has encouraged me in the challenging endeavors I'm taking on.


I always felt supported, and listened to, and I felt great every time after talking to her! She is dependable, and is someone who you can always count on. She has such as sunny personality that would light up the room as soon as she walks in. She is an inspiring coach who is beautiful in every way!"

Hinke van Abbema

"Rio is a very understanding and energetic coach with a focus on people. She is multi-talented; She is musical, creative, structured, and focused. I think all of this combined makes her a great coach!


Her drive to reach new goals, and try out new things always amaze me. I believe that she is an inspiration to all her clients, and she will definitely help you to keep on striving to explore and reach new possibilities in your life!"

Marianne Bel

3 Months Coaching Package

+ 30 minute Pre-coaching Consultation

+ 1 x 60 minute Initial Session to clarify and define your goals, and to set the first action steps toward achieving your goals

+ 5 x 60 minute fortnightly sessions to progress toward your goals via actions steps we set in each session

+ Email access in between sessions to send in your written work, receive support, and to ask questions as needed

+ Worksheets, journaling prompts etc. as needed that support your progress

*Sessions are held over internet calls, phone, or in person if you're located in the Utrecht area.


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